New talk from Computability in Europe 2021:

[July 2021] Pawel Stacewicz and Paula Quinon Analog computation: continuous vs empirical Slides Link to a discussion on Café Aleph

Selected talks:

[February 2017] On applying conceptual engineering to number cognition, Workshop “Number in Mind: The Philosophy of Numerical Cognition”, School of Advanced Studies, University of London (slides)

[June 2016] “Philosophical problems related to the Approximate Number System”, lecture at the Summer School in Cognitive Sciences “Reasoning”, University of Quebec in Montreal (video)

[August 2016] “Approximate Number System and the Treatment of Vagueness in CS” (with A. Gemel), Conceptual Spaces at Work, Stockholm (video, presentation by A. Gemel)

[November 2014] “Natural numbers in philosophy of mathematics and in cognitive science”, Seminar at Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, video

[December 2013] “Explications and the Church-Turing thesis”, Workshop in Formalization in Philosophy II, University of Copenhagen (video)