I am an assistant professor at the Department of Administration and Social Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology, where I am affiliated with the Chair of Philosophy and Ethics in Business and with International Center for Formal Ontology

In the Fall semester 2021/2022 I am a guest researcher at the Logic Group at the University of Gothenburg.

I am also collaborating with the Philosophy Department of Lund University

My favorite topic are natural numbers.

In addition to my formal research, I think a lot about the role of digitalisation (so, natural numbers, in some way) in the most contemporary social change. I investigate social media, in particular, video games and online-dating services. I look into problems related to Big Data, including ethical inquiry. I analyze roles that robots and avatars play – or might play, or will play – in the society. You can read about it here.

You can visit my phil-people profile  academia.com website, my researchgate.net website, my Google scholar profile, and my orcid.org profile

I do research on:

Numerical Cognition

In Cognitive Structuralism (2021) I propose a new type of position within the core cognition paradigm, inspired by structuralism in the philosophy of mathematics. I claim that any position within this paradigm which builds upon structural properties of natural numbers is a structuralist position.

The project “Number Cognition and Philosophy of Arithmetic” was founded by Marie Curie Fellowship. Read more.

Computational Structuralism

I contributed to the formulation of Computational Structuralism, a position in philosophy of mathematics, according to which the concept of natural number is the most adequately defined when computable features of numbers are taken into account in the first place.

The project “Computational Structuralism” was funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Deviant Encodings

The formulation of the argument from the Tennenbaum theorem led me to analytical work on the concept of computation. It resulted in a series of papers devoted to the phenomenon of deviant encodings. The series to this date consists of three papers “Taxonomy of Deviant Encodings”, “Implicit and explicit examples of the phenomenon of deviant encodings”, and “The Anti-Mechanism Argument Based on Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems, Indescribability of the Concept of Natural Number and Deviant Encodings”.

Conceptual Engineering

In 2021 I claim that the concept of computation is a fixed point of conceptual engineering.

Carnapian Explications

In 2019 I defend the view that the Church-Turing thesis can be best analysed in terms of Carnapian explications.