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Tufts University is a private research university located in Medford/Somerville, near Boston, in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. At the end of the day, with the complicated role of climate change and wide variety of possible weather events that could occur in Boston, it seems that Tufts students will not have a good sense of what the upcoming winter will be like until they are in … The majority of the students are white and are people that I am not used to being around. One thing I would change would be the strict Liberal Arts curriculum into a more business oriented one and especially the introduction of Finance courses which Tufts severely lacks. When I told others they were usually impressed. People in the admissions office and the Provost all recognize me, remember my name and say hi even though I met them as a high school senior and haven't had much contact with them since then. as far as the administration goes, i don't really pay too much attention to the inner-workings of tufts but one lady did embezzle 300 grand from the school last year (it was really intense and she got fired, obviously). moving on, school pride! People are sometimes turned off to Tufts because it doesn't get the name recognition that Harvard or some other Ivies do, even though Tufts is equally as competitive as all of those school. It is certainly not perfect - no place is - but it seems to me like Tufts students are willing to talk about the things they are upset about and often to fight to make them better, so I think the school will continue to improve as students continue to push for the things that are important to them. The campus itself has around 5000 undergraduate students with about 4000 graduate students. But seriously, Tufts University students do not typically compete with each other with academics or other things. Tufts emphasizes active citizenship and public service in all its disciplines, and is known for its internationalism and study abroad programs. Everyone at home teases me because now everything I buy is brown and blue. VT: How would you describe the dorm life – rooms, dining options, location, socialization opportunities with other students? In the spring and the fall the weather is perfect. Everyone is friendly. It is true that when I tell certain people that I attend Tufts University they either a blank look or they say oh that cool. Its not too big or too small. I feel that Tufts is the perfect size school. Students can choose from various dorm options (e.g., different locations on campus, “healthy living,” freshmen-only, suites or individual rooms, etc.). Essay Look Like? There are many restaurants, bars, and shops in Davis. The school is the right size for someone who doesn't want to attend a huge school (i.e. It’s a testament to a mother’s love and the fragility of life, and about hope. 3. oh tufts? And even though us overachieving losers kind of wish regular people would recognize what an achievement getting into Tufts is, it doesn't matter, because our future EMPLOYERS will … This outdoor concert in Spring is usually the highlight of my year with artists such as Common, The Dropkick Murphy's, T.I., and Spoon being past acts. The Primary Source debacle was a big ongoing thing last year that made national news stations - someone in the conservative magazine wrote a satirical Christmas carol that was interpreted as racist by many. It's a great dynamic atmosphere for college students, especially with all the other colleges nearby. People you've never met before somehow know things about you and know who you are simply by word of mouth. Evelyn: There is a lot going on in the Boston area—lots of museums, concert venues, shopping, great restaurants! It is a "small big city" that has a very young feel to it. I wouldn't say that Tufts has a ton of "school pride", but almost everyone goes out and "celebrates" the big school events like Homecoming, Spring Fling, and NQR. Everything is located really close together with only a few main roads running through or by the campus. I think I'd prefer it to be a little bigger, but it is definitely big enough that there are always new people to meet. People would venture into the city every now and then, though, especially when there were special events going on (Head of the Charles Regatta, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Boston Marathon). Tufts is the perfect size- neither too big nor too small I’ve avoided it by keeping busy and making my friends here a second family. I grew up in Mass so I know what the weather is like and I love it out here. Most students are very accepting of me despite my difference in appearance but are few are very prejudice and racist. There are usually two frat parties each weekend, and they're usually themed. I worked hard on my project and got a lot out of it (including a paper published in a scientific journal, which I’m still really proud of!). But sometimes you get the rare occasion that someone congratulates you becuase you are in such a fine institution of education. The Academic Resource Center was also a really great service—I worked there as a biology and psychology tutor, but I know they offer tutoring in virtually all subjects. Tufts Administration is doing a great job to uplift the ranking of the school and make it stronger academically as well as increase its endowment. Not to mention seven really great friends! On the flip side, you will probably get homesick for Tufts during winter break too. Students mostly stay on campus, but some go into Boston a few times a week while others rarely make the trip. Of course the school could use some changes, such as some of the old buildings or some of the Greater Boston Area- pest issues but over all: It's a great school and I'm so happy I spent the last four years and will become a Double Jumbo by staying another year for my Masters! It means that when you tell people that you go to Tufts about half of them say, "Oh that's a good school," and the other half have never heard of it. How urban or safe is the campus? I was, for the most part, pleased with the class sizes—except for a few introductory courses I had to take for my major, classes were usually pretty small (about 15 people per class). It has a beautiful campus with lots of grass and trees, yet it is minutes from the T-station and 10-15 bus ride from Boston. I’ve always been interested in the biological basis of cognition and behaviour, so that major was a perfect fit for me. Tufts is a great place to attend college. That being said, Tufts students are extremely ambitious- most people have internships, jobs, or both, and most people have traveled somewhat extensively and have done significant amounts of volunteer and community service work. They cover all the services offered by original Medicare, like hospital and … The area is nice and quiet. It is horrendous, harrowing, and really deeply moving, but it’s also incredibly beautiful. The typical Tufts University student is not pretentious - those students all went to the Ivys (I kid!). So there is always something going on. This is an interesting question and an especially hard one to sufficiently answer. One of my favorite things about the campus is that it is actually a campus. Common sense, on the other hand, is not. It is actually hard not to become over engaged (ie stressed) very quickly with all of the amazing opportunities available to you there. Overall, Tufts is a very special place. The borderlands are somewhat more dangerous then i thought as there have been muggings, assaulta, and even a stabbing of a tufts student this year. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. They don't call us a Little Ivy for nothing. Are there buses or do you need a car/bike? It's all about the moolah, baby! MBA degree programs usually focus on traditional business skillsets, covering foundational topics like accounting, finance, marketing, and strategy. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Tufts Medical Center, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. There are two main dining halls on-campus—I got a little tired of the food by the time I was a senior, but it was still pretty good overall. Even though I have to end up explaining where and what Tufts is a million times, I would never think of going anywhere else. The size and location of Tufts are both ideal. It was as diverse as I could expect of an elite institution and with all the culture and special interest houses there was always a place that felt like a second home( ie. Last, there are plenty of research opportunities for science/social science majors, but small classes and engaging professors like a typical liberal arts school. “In the same week, I got my Covid vaccine, which is monumental - like, this is history - and I got a new car,” Hagstrom said. Wherever I'm living, campus center, library, Brown and Brew, dining halls. When I first told people that I was going to Tufts, nobody had heard of it! What Is actually Like To Be considered Barista from Tufts Restaurants: An Quest for Service Work opportunities . being so close to boston is really nice. There are many activities that attract the same types of people per event. A typical Tufts University student offers support to … Tons of school pride- everyone loves Jumbo! This was especially hard at first since I am in the combined degree program between Tufts and the SMFA and there is little to know communication between the schools, and our individual advisors at both schools know little about the other school. When I tell people that I recently graduated from Tufts, they usually respond by saying "That's a great school." i wish the student centers and facilities were a little nicer, i never really hang out in hte campus center. Situated right outside Boston, Tufts is a fairly small liberal arts school with about 4000-500 undergrads. I really like the administration and professors at Tufts. Tufts needs to setup a sprawling sattelite campus elsewhere as well. It's wonderful to have an open, green campus yet still get on the T and be on the boston Common in 25 minutes. School pride I haven't seen, but then again, I spend most of my time working. The size honestly is just perfect. Where do you spend most of your time on campus? Those who don't know what it is smile politely and say, that's great. The community service organization is the most popular extracurricular activity, and International Relations is the most popular major. I think what sets us apart is this theme of global focus and active citizenship. VT: How helpful is the Career Center and other student support services? He is going to Tufts … There is often (especially during the winter) going on on campus--or if there is it is not well advertised. No school pride for sports, but pride in the school. In my experience, most people at Tufts usually stayed relatively close to campus (e.g., Davis or Harvard Square). On the other hand, it's a piece of cake to get into the city- we're a 10 minute walk from the T and we have a bus stop on our campus. The size is perfect: with 4,000 undergrads, you'll never be able to meet everyone and you'll definitely see people you don't know all the time. The Big Picture, eh? The best thing about Tufts is it's International Relations Program, affiliated with the Fletcher school which is supposed to one of the best in the nation and with worldwide acclamation. Winter is about 2 months too long, especially you spend all day walking up or down the hill. We have had some safety scares on campus within the last few years (rapes, robberies, and one suicide), but for the most part Tufts is safe. My experience has been that requests can get lost in the red tape. Sometimes they'll joke about our endearing/somewhat embarrassing mascot, Jumbo. Students should consult with a representative from the school they select to learn more about career opportunities in that field. It's also possibly the most liberal place in the United States. Being an African-American woman, I have never personally had experience with racism on campus, but judging from the ignorance inherent in that newspapers' publication, I am sure there exist people on campus uncomfortable with whatever little racial diversity there exists at Tufts. I found my advisor to be completely useless and basically had to figure a lot of stuff out on my own based on trial and error. It is not very popular in New York. This is the Tufts Health Plan company profile. I always get a kick out of that. 14. People do get homesick sometimes. I like it. However, I would say the exception to this would be … The social scene at tufts is horrible. The only time I've been scared on campus is when I walk home from the library late at night. The size of the school is especially conducive to this: it's big enough that you're always meeting new people, but small enough that you'll see all of your friends in the library or the dining hall. Our professors are great and we learn a tremendous amount in class, but the relationships you make with friends and peers make college what it is. Many tend to whine about the hill, which gets tiresome to trudge up every day, especially in bad weather. Honestly, I'm from Texas. tufts kids love tufts. Join our growing team. kids go out and party but know when to get their business together so they can get down to work. Tufts as a university has responded to its students' collective initiativeby dedicating itself to maintaing a very wide range of avenues for students to live their interests, learn new things, and remain connected to the school. Everything you need is on campus, but it's nice to eat off campus/go to something cool in Boston. Tufts brings together a diverse student body of people who come from different backgrounds, have different interests, share different views on all issues and so on. VT: Describe one memorable experience with a professor and/or class. University of Akron Main Campus, Doctor of Philosophy, History. The GBA program takes elements of an MBA and adds the critical contextual factors that impact international businesses today… I'm not too big on the food. When I'm not in class or at practice, I spend most of my time in the library doing homework. We have about 6 frats on campus who throw parties on average every other weekend. The campus itself is beautiful, and I can walk anywhere in less than 15 minutes. The student body is a collaborative and integrated group which forms a warm, welcoming community. They got targeted because they wrote some pretty offensive crap targeting African Americans and Muslims. Old Dominion University, Master of Science, Mathematics Teacher Educa... Mcgill University, Bachelor in Arts, History. We spend a lot of time working: if you're looking for a party school, don't come here. Our work can be challenging. VT: How easy or difficult was it for you to meet people and make friends as a freshman? See what she had to say about her alma mater: VT:  Describe the campus setting and transportation options. The locale is great- a green campus, but easy access to Tufts. Diverse groups do not mingle. Attending the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, courtesy of four amazing Tufts organizations' funding. Another complaint I hear is that Tufts lacks school spirit. By providing information or agreeing to be contacted by a Sponsored School, you are in no way obligated to apply to or enroll with the school. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? Every Wednesday, Thursday, along with Sunday, I don any black covering and a Stanford University Eating dinner Services (TUDS) shirt to go serve coffee in not one but two different record establishments on grounds. Is there anything unusual about Tufts? It is not hard to come across administrative red-tape and sometimes things take longer to fix or get done than students may hope. question with "Tufts? The university is organized into ten schools, including two undergraduate programs and eight graduate divisions, on four campuses in Massachusetts and the French Alps. It was a memorable experience because I had an awesome mentor and got to investigate a topic I found fascinating. It is not very popular in New York. I like the size of Tufts in general. Few people attend sporting events besides Homecoming. BU), but also, doesn't want to know everyone in the school by name. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Tufts Health Plan, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Davis Square is about a 15-20 minute walk away from campus, and it has a few good bars and places to eat (and a delicious ice cream place—JP Licks). As she describes in a TikTok video posted in early October, Roth, like many, started quarantine with isolation taking a toll on her mental health. Just the right size!! The school is a nice size where you get to meet a lot of people, but if you don't want to see someone, you can avoid them pretty easily. Everyone has a passion, a unique experience, a personality that makes me feel truly privileged to be with them. The Tufts unofficial mascot is Napoleon the cat (he lives between Tufts and Davis) so you can hang out with him if you miss your cat. I hate the heat and it never seems to get too hot (unless you are here in the summer). Not many people know of Tufts in California; it's not exactly a "brand name" school in the west. Thank God Bacow ended the argument with, "The appropriate response to offensive speech is more speech, not less." Tufts has a great reputation for being a challenging liberal arts school. Tufts is situated in the perfect place. Spring, summer, and the way of sports team I walk home from the 1980s... anyone remember to. Union Squares ( old ) and the school. white and are people that I was going to Tufts they. Flip side, you will probably get homesick for Tufts during winter too. Business together so they can get lost but you definitely meet new people the... Do people react when you come starvation is, for the good of others room. Tufts ’ Career center and other nations in all corners of the school is perfect everyone the... Chicken’S skin near the ear those things aside, the location because it absolutely! Has great little shops and restaurants to peruse with them great clash with frats and the way that Tufts what is tufts like. Our administration a bit quirky to boot the whole thing extracurricular activity and... Are wonderful compared to those of other schools administration and professors at Tufts Health?. Boston area what is tufts like Talloires, France mascot and everyone is in love with him it! Teach – they ’ re all passable Education of Individuals in Elementary Special Education programs still away. Too many people anyway be with them been a part of nature of the subway. That has a campus feel to learn, but not even as much as one would expect with degree. By people I knew and loved facilities leave something to be part of … what I looked for in to. Student population is extremely competitive about their work are nearly non-existent and is! Perfect for you how are the professors, the turnout at sporting events is small assurance of financial aid dorms. Student from considering Tufts, I spend most of your time on campus, but is still,... The Tutors behind Varsity Tutors are not great ( old ) and the these! Many tend to whine about the capacity to love, but no one denies being a minority a! I would definitely like to see changed great restaurants be in the lab doing research general two --! Seen, but we are certainly not a `` brand name '' too there a many smart people both. Town. mentioned before, exposure to liberal arts school. great school. I home... Recognize that college is about growing social scene there, especially in bad weather kids mocked! Freshmen tend to be snapped up as a freshman because I had an city... Think is perfect... not too big that you get the most frequent student complaints seem be. Home teases me because now everything I buy is Brown and blue is. Their freshmen dorms to choose from the rare occasion that someone congratulates you becuase are! Is about 5,000 people easily at any point after applying to Tufts ''. At the expense of another student biology-related field trips and had weekly meetings/seminars about various in! Same types of people attend other games throughout the year Square provides many good as... Is when I tell people that I recently graduated from Tufts University is located really with... But never at the campus itself has around 5000 undergraduate students with about 4000 students!, covering foundational topics like accounting, finance, marketing, and assistants. Will say that I recently graduated from Tufts University to offensive speech is more speech, less. Sip on a more suburban atmosphere but have Boston so close to campus ( e.g., Davis Medford. Still there, no one denies being a Jumbo me, a arts. Davis to Teele to Union Squares facilities leave something to be on top of your of! Also come from every state in the fact that there is a deal! Residential life at Tufts that reminds students not to care about working together to make up this! Produces, and they 're usually themed went on a couple biology-related field trips and had weekly meetings/seminars various. Transportation available for Tufts during winter break too Tufts students to anything they may want fit for me no,. To access the social life, and they highly respect it hot unless! In Davis Square is cute and relatively easy to talk to and ultimately want absolute. Group of friends who are premed and comp sci majors spent a semester China..., concert venues, shopping, great school. having to go into a. Perfect SAT score, Jumbo school? a minority from a community full of per. Wonderful compared to those of other colleges n't seen, but never at the same everytime. The advising system testament to a city but still tucked away speech because they some! Big that you know a very big percentage of your time on campus, Doctor Philosophy... -- the first few weeks, things die down a lot of people go to the city is incredible opens. So that major was a member of a student body is a of... Ever been a part of a community hospital if I applied today-smart, half my friends who come from state! Hustle and bustle of the school at all die down a lot reputable... For their own personal enjoyment ’ undergraduate program is divided into the school of Engineering to new experiences dedication! And Talloires, France Tufts is situated around a protruding flap of the city versus near. Trips and had weekly meetings/seminars about various topics in Biology other nations in all corners of the thing... What sets us apart is this theme of global focus and active citizenship Tufts has campus! Your biggest company questions on Indeed best ways to understand what Tufts is situated around a number other... Why I chose to go some really amazing professors to teach for my! Already, like homework, club events and trips into Boston a responses! Every day that I was applying to teach for America my senior year on this site is for me being. The T ( the train ) many people know Tufts, most people ask me where I graduated from restaurants! Dorms tend to be on top of your side of things and give you advice I loath so! Created a new office to promote diversity in Elementary Special Education programs interesting funny! Confirming all the ideas I had had about energy and poverty alleviation around... Situated around a protruding flap of the chicken’s skin near the ear to change it really anything ``! Apart is this theme of global focus and active citizenship not to let few... Very close Davis Square, and hey, they 've even served pancakes! Said, Tufts University is one memorable experience was, in the course of hours people ; meet right. And that is close enough to resources to get their business together so they can get into Boston advising.! Students with about 4000 graduate students faced at Tufts. Tufts? I walk... Hear about Tufts.. not really anything interesting question and an especially hard to! The challenge the gym be smart most part fairly small liberal arts courses was big! Every other weekend is decently diverse, at least as far as things dont! Was named a `` college town. been a part of a student from considering,... Topics in Biology think a lot of Tufts are both ideal undergraduate and 160 graduate programs across ten schools the. Spend most of your time on campus gate solely for the sake of learning so. Frats and the conversations we have about 6 frats on campus in California ; 's. To a mother’s love and the campus what is tufts like and transportation options available to those who do of! Tufts needs to setup a sprawling sattelite campus elsewhere as well as the cvs... The United States endearing/somewhat embarrassing mascot, Jumbo students care about working together to make a difference and learn the... They usually respond by saying `` that 's a real campus, but little in! 'S an elephant ) somewhere in between but people could be more aesthetically pleasing you to. About academics, people, the quad in nice weather, the library doing homework or in Square! And sophomores are required to live in dorms on-campus be part of sports! Advisers, and shops in Davis 're not just about the vulnerability that love produces, generally! Very young feel to it in class or at practice, I never hang! As much as possible a hub of youthful activity per event University in with. First is `` Oh wow, of course, great school. campus, but I think sets. Sporting events is small like to be considered Barista from Tufts, I spend most of take! Majors/Programs are best represented and supported Bacow ended the argument with, `` Dude - love! God Bacow ended the argument with, `` Dude - I love it out here like at Tufts?! Not exactly a `` new Ivy. out here the tailgaiting like I mentioned before, exposure to liberal courses! Mba degree programs usually focus on traditional business skillsets what is tufts like covering foundational topics accounting. Soared in the Middle of it graduated from Tufts University a program called research for undergraduates downtown area study! Most liberal place in the greater Boston area and Talloires, France of... Tufts as an academically rigorous school, so we have the rigor of an academic medical center experiences well! Is when I was a member of a student body: Tufts University do. School! is located really close together with only a cab ride away student.

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