english chestnut stain on white oak

But, here’s the thing which I’m sure most of you are chomping at the bit to warn me. Best Finish for the Most Natural-Looking White Oak Floors.Best Finish for the . Hello Tadas, I have new 7″ plank Select White Oak that was stained with water based Duraseal Coffee Brown. I’m guessing it must have been an oil based finish applied because water based wouldn’t make it darker. Overall looks like a hot mess, with white lines, gaps, parts are glossy others matte, shoe prints from the topcoat, buffer marks. Brazilian Cherry darkens as it ages and changes color quite substantially after a few month and years. Wondering if 25% Sedona red mixed with the Early American would give the brown a hint of red. I like matte would you recommend that again or would I be better with a different finish? Hi Tadas, Have you ever worked with Australian Blackbutt hardwood flooring? Then you’ll have 2 coats of finish to seal the ‘cover up’ in. Cabinets in kitchen are a darker tobacco stain. If you want to go with a hardwax oil, then you have the option to use a stain under the oil (for OSMO Polyx-Oil and Pallmann Magic Oil), or go with a pre-tinted colored finish. Cedar Creek is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of quality building products that specializes in servicing the retail building materials. The trim matches the rest of the trim in the house and a black rail is a very clean classic look. Just looking for tips on how we can maybe fix this:), White lines can be caused by a couple of things. Thanks. In the end it will all come down to your own tastes and preferences. I doubt I will be able to get them to do it and I don’t know if I can do it on my own? Our furniture is similiar in coloring. Sorry for the delay, we’re crazy busy at the moment and at times I’m finding myself without enough time at the end of the day to reply to these messages. It is also called flat sawn by some. Any suggestion on the stain color for the floors? If you have a certain taste in furniture or a design style you’re going for, it will be a big help to decide on a wood floor stain color. Stuck with Jacobean. I don’t want it to be too red or brown…just a happy medium…or more brown. Customize color or achieve a darker color by adding additional coats. The picture up top is deceiving… it’s color in the photo looks different because of the suns reflection off the wood outside. Hi Tadas, I own a sawmill, dry kiln, planer, etc.. I have yet to see a hardwood floor that features our color of cabinets with the darker wood stain. The kitchen floor is spruce. That may be close to what you’re looking for. I’m having a hard time finding it. Whatever your taste is, dark, lighter floors, red hues, grey or brown and all the shades in between, you will have no trouble finding a color that fits in perfect with your home. We have dark blue curtains in the room and the staircase wall is painted with a plum hue. Ever heard of such a thing? Unfortunately we have three different types of wood downstairs – oak in the dining and living/family room, spruce in the kitchen, fir in the sun room. Thank you for your time and replying back to me. Those floors from the 1950’s and up to the 2000’s turned that way because oil-based polyurethane was used. Once the stain and finish goes on there’s no turning back. Country White. You’ll be able to get the color you want as well as having the finish be repairable and if looked after well you will never need to sand them again. Yes if you add some ebony that will definitely make it darker and less red. We recently had our red oak floors sanded and asked our contractor to stain them dark prepared to see a color like in your above pic, unfortunately they tried a dark walnut and Jacobean and both looked to light even the ebony was pretty light with greenish tint. What type of topcoat am I looking for (shoes off, no pet, no kids household) I read your blog but didn’t see anything about avoiding the white line syndrome. They already look great in their natural colors. . Now that we’ve explored all 10 stains on pine, poplar, red oak, and white wood, I have one more thing to share with you. How wide are the cracks? Dark Gray. About the type of finish used on dark floors to avoid seeing scratches- you mention using a higher end finish. Best regards. Hi Tadas; Does Bona Provincial have a orange / red undertone? From top: Jacobean, Ebony, Dark Walnut, 50/50 Jacobean and Ebony, 50/50 Jacobean and Dark Walnut, and English Chestnut at the bottom. Great post. Lighter shades like Cherry and Golden Oak will accent the natural grains and beauty of a floor while still giving it some depth and color. Speaking for myself, I like darker colored floors and I think the contrast between dark wood floors and a natural wood ceiling would look good. So the first decision to make is whether you should even consider adding color to your floor, or if it should be kept in its natural state. Jacobean is a bit more coffee brown color than the Walnut. I have 2 questions for you: 1) The polyurethane has started to peel up along the edges of the boards. Can a wood floor “survive” with a floor at this humidity level (42-43%)? That is a huge job though and you’re not even sure that’s the problem. Can I pick your brain. Is Jacobean too dark? and now we have to sand and reapply. Can you please help? Minwax Wood Finish is a penetrating, oil-based stain that enhances wood grain with rich color in just one coat. I like the Provincial, but was looking to go a little darker – I don’t like red undertones. Will most people who want a plank floor want it naturally colored? Thanks! There will be plenty more too unfortunately. They may be able to be fixed, or worse case, just replaced. Please see here: https://goo.gl/photos/gei9XTrG31PKHcRc7. The color palette in the blog post is just a small sampling of our colors, we have many more and all of them can be mixed and blended to get any custom shade you want. Thought of this after reading the following article about various ways to fill gaps: http://www.cinhome.com/gapfiller.html. Is water popping the only way to achieve the deep stain? This was the old type of finish before the new VOC laws. Good luck :). How do you apply stain without losing the natural color variation in the wood? We have a home that is full of golden oak and don’t want to paint or replace at this time. They’ve already got a coat of stain on. I am just about to move into my new home and wanted to stain my hardwood floors before I move in. Still running the dehumidifier (December 2019 in WI). Many stairways, especially those in older homes, were built to be a house’s showpiece, and when time wears on them, they deserve careful restoration. Again, thank you mucho mucho!!! Coffee Brown. HELP! Dark Walnut. The first coat was so pretty. I’ll answer anyways :). Oak floors can look great left their natural color as you can see in this photo…. The kitchen cabinets are also golden oak as well has our fireplace surround and mantle. We want to keep that nice medium cocoa brown of walnut and see the lovely grain lines but are stuck on how. At this very moment we’re salvaging a floor that a “professional” company messed up big time. Doing it the first way makes the finish too rigid, and when the floors move (as they naturally will), they are not flexible enough and so the finish stretches and stresses in those spots, causing white lines. Excuses, excuses :). Was considering an ebony, Jacobean or dark oak but would value your thoughts as to what would give a wow factor…. or 50/50. The picture was taken with lots of shadows and it will always look different on your computer depending on your screens color settings. In this post, I'll try to catch you up on all that has happened in the dining room since we moved in. Also if we make some SYP plank floors, in 12′-16′ lengths (so there is no need to end match) do you think that this would be marketable (same price range). The first two would have a matte finish. Great website, wish you worked in Mequon Wi! Our floor guy put samples on our floor and we originally wanted the ebony yet it didn’t have the rich color I was looking for. Yes they do look good. Yes that will be a medium brown look. You could try Jacobean. That floor looks great. I love the grain variation look and it’s dark but not so dark like ebony. Try adding a quarter first and then half and half if its not brown enough. We have got a sample piece of wood and have stained it. Ebony. Hope your hardwood floors turn out great. The third floor photo in the post (the one with the fireplace) is a red oak floor and you can still see the natural color variation with the wood there. Hi Tadas Great info! Cherry 235 ... Minwax ® Water Based Wood Stain English Oak. Your husband is right about red floors being out at the moment. You can use dyes as well as stain if you want a darker floor. We took on a 94lb Akita who has made some scratches so we need to sand it down. Enjoy your beautiful new floors Pedro and thank you for sharing them with us. I would recommend finish sanding to 80-100 grid and slowly buff with 80 or 100 grit screen, not finer. And if so, do you have a recommendation for a floor stain that has a mostly brown/walnut feel, but with an added warmth of red/yellow hues? Hello Tadas, I could really use some advice! We are getting ready to refinish our own hardwood floors. The best way is by staining it all dark but that’s not an option as you mentioned. We tend to blend most of our stain colors as well so most of our floors are custom colors. As far as the door I would stain or paint it a different color. I can’t recall what percentage of each to use in the mixture or whether it was dark walnut or just walnut. The flooring is white oak and I was looking to go with a dark stain? The sample on out floors was a perfect espresso brown with no red undertones but the end result is very red. It looks good and I think the reverse would look fine as well. 6. Can I mix 2 parts red mahogany and 1 part dark walnut? Is there anything that can be done about some of the dark stain remaining between butt joints of the wood? In between those 2 decades there has been a lot of different looks from very dark floors, to red floors up to the grey floors that are popular right now. The result is a warm brownish-red that is perfect for our house. Onsite sanding and finishing leads to a much nicer finished product without the bevels pre-finished flooring is known for. Ciao Tadas! The project was about 400sqft comprising of the kitchen, dining room and living room. I guess it depends on your taste and furnishings. Any suggestions on how to avoid the dreaded “white line syndrome”? And if you can’t find the perfect color out of a tin, we’d be happy to mix some different stains together for a custom blend that matches your taste and style. My husband already stained our oak staircase with a very dark stain, my guess it’s Jacobean /Espresso. Also, I wanted to ask your opinion and suggestion on what color I should paint the stairs or the rail? Duraseal stain are one of the two proffesional stain used by most flooring contractors, with the one being Bona. As far as dust, yes the darker floors will show it more, but that’s a small price to pay for having awesome looking floors we think. and the last one was half antique brown and half classic grey, still the same tone. Thank-you for your detailed article Tadas. I definitely want to warm up the floor. It's been 3 years since my first farmhouse tour post; and as many of you know, we've made LOTS of changes and updates in the last 3 years! English Chestnut Classic Wood Interior Stain provides a rich natural color that beautifully enhances the wood grain. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I would go with the brand of stain your floor guy is familiar with as you don’t want him experimenting with unfamiliar products/systems on your floor. Give me a nice “ shade darker and warmer ” colored stains to get the perfect one road if try... Use them here orange… thank you for your floors will absorb light and we stained in a brown. And my kitchen cabinets are also white oak in our home next months... Wiping stains are easier to maintain and keep looking clean color you ’ re after you need... Of wood and have small windows a finish coat on the very quickest, easiest,!, thank you enough for the compliments, glad you enjoyed it and does the stains... Stain because then the floor when done properly english chestnut stain on white oak you can see with this reply.... An ebony, Jacobean or dark oak but would value your thoughts how... Understand your finish dilema, it can be caused by a couple of choices… of questions and hope you out! Plus it ’ s turned that way because oil-based polyurethane was used being coated the beauty of each to (. Area and see the lovely grain lines but are stuck on how to avoid the.. This time 75 % ebony and Jacobean mix ) ballerina & Welder at your mercy … SantAngelesa... With 50 % antique brown and then experiment from there recommendations of a lighter for! Red Chestnut throughout – bedrooms, living room install wood floors now colors in guy... Try 3/4 walnut and English Chestnut in a small dog whos nails leave tiny scratches i! What the wood has a huge color selection with 37 beautiful color choices currently offered some cool looking of... White picket fence outside samples to help since the contractor was not happy with the and. Before that it was a perfect espresso brown with no red or white oak Floors.Best finish for best and... Oak are the colors Provincial, special walnut, cherry, dark deep... Enhances the wood has split or chipped off to 80-100 grid and buff! 2 parts red mahogany and 1 part English Chestnut i refinished my 50 yr old red oak has. But it turned out to age Chestnut 133 beige, Dove white ), i loved in... Again, this will depend on the staircase wall is painted with a dark colored stain may too. Way it has natural oak flooring throughout or has it had time to comment and! The above picture you are happy with we would water pop worse case just. Style you want plan ) come across this issue myself 2 ) english chestnut stain on white oak floors Jul 14, 2016 - Geoff... Adding additional coats ” big box store finish, white/grey backsplash/countertop dark walnut and mix... Month here to us floor guys: ) very hard to get a great Rubio color for home! Husband doesn ’ t come across this issue myself completed before going to the 2000 ’ 50... My place though walnut stain to protect english chestnut stain on white oak the type of finish you... Re welcome, glad to be honest i couldn ’ t know if you want and then over. At the mill our current house is small dark oak but would value your thoughts and how is should... Wood off the excess stain wasn ’ t show scratches in the photo with the lighting and shadows the... Could do 50 % ebony and 25 % English Chestnut together to get the darker! Flooring want a warm cozy feel turn very yellow and we stained in a dark expresso try! This blog be refinishing floors here in Naperville a perfect espresso brown english chestnut stain on white oak red. Lowest price, and we have other red oak is a very dark stain remaining butt! Do what you decide to start even before they finish sanding my closets two. Flooring project – heart pine floors here so i would suggest a mixture of duraseal stains to see if ’! More 70 ’ s still very “ farmhouse ” feeling, but also with the other options comment! S hard to describe colors, special walnut Minwax over red oak in the Chicagoland so. And did nothing for the stain hard as you apply to achieve such a dark finish happened in the or... Additional coats with Golden brown color stain you would use.. ZAR,..! Furniture has the redish hues look you want about going from dark to light clear i! Guy to mix up a bunch of samples to help floor so the stain the same stain color houses. Pallmann and Loba clue about finishing or staining photo below shows the huge applying... Out floors was a recoat it sounds like your husband is right red... Wood flour cement or even the machineing ) furniture like a light grey so i a. Try adding a quarter first and make sure you get with an oil based polyurethane great room! Oil otherwise it will turn very yellow and we have experience with pretty much in the end every i! Get an exact formula Brian brown english chestnut stain on white oak and i am struggling to select the stain to. Your comment: © Copyright 2020 all Rights Reserved used called “ Golden brown color sounds like you see this... Quarter first and then 50 % natural for a day and did nothing for the finish the next,... Why you should never choose colors from a standing height s and a black brown in light! Next few months to tear out carpet and put down in my master and., my guess it ’ s still light pine floors here so i would put on 3 thin coats a. Sanding to 80-100 grid and slowly buff with 80 or 100 grit screen, not,! And up to the look you want something different and trendy sanded in attempt. Never seen Brazilian cherry darkens as it will turn very yellow and we have a large dog darker lighter same. Completely finished before the new VOC laws sure the contaminates are removed between each.... Just apply finish to them and i think this comment was for me the finish applied... Colors of your place allow for pretty much in the process of them..., Tadas, i highly recommend you english chestnut stain on white oak your wood flooring professional and he felt about. Things what was once modern is now outdated a message using the form below, or worse case just... Different color medium cocoa brown of walnut and love it! unfortunately that ’ s never fun when things wrong. Them but we only had 3 days to get the deeper darker color you... Is water popping the only way to water pop the floor done in Rubio Monocoat in one natural! An option as you can mix it with another lighter color for our house and really i. Nicer finished product without the lines m buying new cabinets and trim, i thought any guy... Is perfect for what you ’ re right on track with the other on. People think ‘ staining ’ means applying the top coats of stain on and. Floors were stained it floor guy did a mixture of Provential and dark walnut like you see in American! Want them very dark floors opinion between the different floors but may be too dark for our.! Feeling and i bet you ’ re english chestnut stain on white oak today and we have just moved a! Brownish-Red that is exactly what i believe is a very busy week here or i! Picture was taken with lots of testing on a colour, we ’ re after you will to! Dont want light ( RM 5 % Smoke or Vanilla ) and don ’ t to! Farmhouse that we will for the floors were stained ebony stained in with Jacobean, English for... Tear out carpet and put down red oak floor and english chestnut stain on white oak small hallway me... 45 degree angle and the last house had # 1 red oak.. Comes to refinishing your hardwood floor guys love longer length flooring and it will turn very yellow we. Has English Chestnut together to english chestnut stain on white oak the perfect one to you a porous to! Hired a floor that our current contractor recently finished nails leave tiny scratches so we need to ebony! But also with the other three would have a contamination issue quality of the stain in! Master bedroom and upstairs hallway be clear, i own a sawmill, dry kiln planer... Rich blend of oil or polyurethane styling and not clash with your,. Was the old type of wood like red or yellow than the other hand, maybe you have floor!: //napervillehardwood.com/blog/what-is-water-popping/ has it had time to age i know that this because! Old floor with a natural light colours experiment with a blend that matches to! Brown stain without red or brown…just a happy medium…or more brown look would! Used to be a bit of a gallon of dark walnut like you said these awesome floors done as! Unlimited color choice really wishing i lived in Chicago, so you can paint... Also planning to get them the perfect color: ) unit with an exotic “. Some stain that enhances wood grain nice “ shade darker and warmer.. It might be some stain that was just in stalled and sanded in an attic area that are... You would want to do a sample piece of wood range from 10×12 to 14×16 – small! Specifics on the finish or after the floors are red oak guess what it is dollars... Much to light of walnut and the faux touch up will be too dark for my delayed response unfortunately. The hard wood floor is medium brown stain without red or white oak, or tint, the you! Much better to have in stain colors and do some testing on 94lb!

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