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In this episode we expand upon the … Continue reading 11.06: The Element of Wonder →. Here’s a hint: as with pretty much everything … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 26: Horror →. Writing Excuses Season 10, the podcasted master-class, continues with this exploration of that critical second step: what do do once you’ve got an idea that has story-legs. Look at professions with a front-person, and with behind-the-scenes staff. What are the common mistakes that writers make when they start dressing their characters? Can you learn tone? Season 9. Darren Shan talks horror with us in this bonus episode, made possible by our Patreon supporters. What is your personal line between horror and “gore-nography?” … Continue reading 11.21: Q&A on Elemental Horror, with Steve Diamond →. Season 3. Modessit, Jr. →. If you haven’t yet read Ghost Talkers, by Mary Robinette Kowal, this episode will spoil great swathes of book for you. How do we use that to add depth to our story? ), Karen Memory, by Elizabeth Bear, narrated by Jennifer Grace, Michael Damien Thomas, co-publisher and co-editor-in-chief of Uncanny Magazine, joined us for a discussion of the elemental genre that contains most of the stories we refer to as “heists.” It’s all about a well-rounded cast in which the group relationship is what’s pulling us forward. So this is what you wanted to know! The Voices of the Martyrs, by Maurice Broaddus (audiobook not yet available), For November, our elemental genre is “Issue,” and we were joined by actor, writer, and comedian Desiree Burch. Dead Men Don’t Cry, by Nancy Fulda, narrated by Joseph Zieja, Recorded live at LTUE, Michaelbrent Collings guest-starred for a discussion about self publishing. WX Trivia: Episode 11.34 represents a pair of firsts for us here at Writing … Continue reading 11.34: Humor as a Sub-Genre →. Complete Season 3 of Writing Excuses.I take no credit for this work. What’s the difference between a conference and a convention? [Brandon] I've been in one of her anthologies. Describe the same outfit from two different point of view characters. Sure, some are the real-life instances you may connect with, and others are cheesy ideas saved in your head. Take the first line from any book, and turn it into a scary line. This year we’re dividing the year into “master classes” or “intensive courses.” We’re kicking it off with Brandon’s episodes, which are all about the business of writing, and the first of those is this one! Season 5. This year we’re dividing the year into “master classes” or “intensive courses.” We’re kicking it off with Brandon’s episodes, which are all about the business of writing, and the first of those is this one! Ghost Talkers, by Mary Robinette Kowal, and also narrated by Mary, Humor is present as an element, at least to some degree, in a substantial amount of the media we consume. Revolutionary Writing, a course from Steven Barnes and Tananarive Due, DongWon Song, literary agent with HMLA, joins us for a Q&A on the elemental genre of “Issue.” Here are the questions, which were submitted by the attendees at WXR ’16: Can only certain people tackle certain issues in certain stories? This becomes your framework for a mystery, which you’re essentially outlining in reverse. zipped the folder up and slapped it … … Outline a story in which your character must choose to do something horrific. Homework: Research conventions and conferences in your area. Take a story you’re working on, a story in which Elemental Wonder isn’t a driving force, and add that wonder to some aspect of it. Also, on Sunday The Salt Lake Tribune posted an article about Podcasting in Utah. The … People get drawn in to a book because of the first line. Then write it so that the horror comes first, and the humor is last. Make a list of cool set pieces that people could visit. After listening to 15.11 (Digital is Different) I finally hit that unsubscribe button. Credits: This episode was recorded by Daniel Thompson, and mastered by … Continue reading 11.12: Idea as Subgenre, With Nancy Fulda →. Steve Diamond joins us to kick off our month on the elemental genre of horror. Write something that you’ve never tried to write, genre-wise. We discuss how the sense of dread can be a page-turning motivation, and how it can complement the other “keep on reading” motivations we set out to invoke. Find an element that perhaps you’ve taken for granted, and turn it into something fascinating. The word “genre” has a lot of weight to it. Take a character who is not yours, but who you know all about. Take three stories (books, films, whatever) you love, and explore the emotional impact those stories have on you. We discuss the difference between the drivers in thrillers, horror stories, and mysteries, and use the elemental genre tools to assist in the differentiation. The Writing Excuses team takes off from there, discussing the different kinds of Writers’ Block, and how to overcome each of them. Why is it scary? If you’re stuck because you think your … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 17: This Sucks and I’m a Horrible Writer →, While at CONduit, we recorded three episodes of Writing Excuses in front of an audience, and this is the first of those. Michelle Lyons McFarland, Monica Valentinelli, and Shanna Germain join Howard and Dan at GenCon, and talk about the craft of world building for role playing games. Why is Dirk Pitt so cool? What the minimum size for an ensemble? Write a scene twice: first, write it so that there’s humor, and then horror. Writing Excuses Talks to an Astronaut, with Special Guest Kjell Lindgren : To cap it off, we ask Stacy about her current … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 13: Submitting to Editors Part 2 →, Does magic need rules? Ramp up the tension! Writing Excuses 11.1: Introduction to Elemental Genre. This episode of Writing Excuses has been brought to you by Audible. Whether you write from a solid outline or discover your plot as you go, we’ve got tricks and tools for you. We talk about how to use wonder at smaller scales, how to create it with context, … Continue reading 11.08: Wonder as a Subgenre →. We’ve already talked about the process of submitting to an editor; today we talk about the millions of vital things that happen after an editor says “I want to buy your book.” Not only that, but we get to hear it all straight from the mouth of … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 29: Talking Publishing with Lou Anders →, Last week we talked to an editor, this week we talk to OUR editor: Brandon’s and Dan’s editor at Tor, Moshe Feder. I Don’t Have Time. Why didn’t we just do two separate podcasts, one … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 25: Viewpoint and Tense Part 2 →, What is horror? Write a monologue from the POV of a member of that magazine’s target audience. 11.15: The Environment, with L.E. Podcast: Writing Excuses Tagline: “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” Format: Generally, four published writers discuss a topic about the writing craft or industry in fifteen minutes, more or less. Have a world-weary character, one who is not in awe, and find ways to help the reader experience wonder despite being in the POV of a character who is not. If you find problems with this index or the transcripts, please let me know at mbarker at computer dot org! Stacy also … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 12: Submitting to Editors Part 1 →, In part two of our chat with editor Stacy Whitman, we discuss more about how to interact with editors: how to approach them at cons, how to inquire about work you’ve already submitted, and how to butter them up by asking about their current projects. Liner Notes Elantris Mad Prince Deleted Scenes Dan’s … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 33: Side Characters →. Season 11: Elemental Genres. It is an educational podcast that helps novelists/writers. It is mostly useful to writers. Season 8. Grow sideways! 11.21: Q&A on Elemental Horror, with Steve Diamond, 11.22: Examining Unconscious Biases, with Shannon Hale, 11.28: Impostor Syndrome, with Alyssa Wong, 11.31: Futurism, with Trina Marie Phillips, 11.33: Crossover Fiction, with Victoria Schwab, 11.35: Elemental Humor Q&A with Victoria Schwab, 11.37: Casting Your Book, with Gama Martinez, 11.38: The Elemental Relationship as a Sub-Genre, 11.39: Elemental Relationship Q&A, with Greg van Eekhout, 11.41: The Editor’s Wish List, with Navah Wolfe, 11.Bonus-01: Characterization and Differentiation, with Robin Hobb, 11.43: Elemental Drama Q&A, with Tananarive Due, 11.44: Project in Depth, GHOST TALKERS, by Mary Robinette Kowal, 11.Bonus-03: Some Books Have Maps in the Front, with Maurice Broaddus, Mur Lafferty, and James Sutter, 11.45: Elemental Issue, with Desiree Burch, 11.46: Colonialism, with Steven Barnes, Tempest Bradford, DongWon Song, and Shveta Thakrar, 11.47: Issue as a Subgenre, with Steven Barnes. You’re a writer, and the writing is almost paying the bills. Season 14: Worldbuilding! And I Darken, by Kiersten White, narrated by Fiona Hardingham, Greg van Eekhout joined us at Phoenix Comic Con for a live-audience Q&A session about Elemental Relationship writing. In the MICE quotient, are mysteries all “Idea” stories? Season 7. Brandon, Howard and Dan talk about how to start a book and what’s important about the first line. Writer and editor extraordinaire. In the first of our series on genres, we discuss why people write Sci-Fi, what you need to know to write Sci-Fi, and how much we all love unicorns. Our voices, however, are not the ones our listeners should be hearing on the subject. And how lovable can a group of mercenaries be? How do you keep your artistic side from accusing you of selling out? Hopefully your questions are similar to the ones we collected below, because these are the ones we answered: What do readers like more: protagonists going through lots of different incidents and locations, or through a few that are similar to each other? Brandon, Dan, and Howard are joined by Phil and Kaja Foglio, and we discuss writing for webcomics… no, wait… writing for “sequential picture-assisted storytelling.” Phil and Kaja are the creators of Girl Genius, the web’s … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 28: Writing for Webcomics with Phil and Kaja Foglio →, So what exactly does an editor, do, anyway? Bluescreen, by Dan Wells, narrated by Roxanne Hernandez, Steve Diamond joins us again to talk horror, this time about using elemental horror as part of our stories’ elemental ensemble. Sometimes yes and sometimes no; our intrepid podcasters talk about how to know which situation is which, and explore the pros and cons of each method. Pair this with another subgenre. What makes each writer’s voice unique? We talk about “surprising yet inevitable,” the fine art of making … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 19: Plot Twists →, Writer Eric James Stone joins the Writing Excuses crew for our third Conduit installment. The landscape continues to change, and Collings is fully engaged in it. Solar Express, by L.E. Why do we like adventure? Write about a non-player, non-heroic character (say, the NPC who cleans the alley behind the tavern) in your setting. Everyone says you can’t teach style–each writer just has to figure it out on his or her own. Claudia Gray joined us aboard Oasis of the Seas to answer our attendees questions about the Elemental Ensemble. We discuss exposition, and how not to bore people as you move them through the learning curve. Apply a sense of wonder to something small and ordinary. Now, how do you balance your life so that you can make the jump to writing full-time? Become a patron of Writing Excuses today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. The type of satisfaction we feel at the reveal may also reveal the elemental genre in which the element of mystery has been embedded. The topic is about the business of writing. … Continue reading 11.17: Elemental Adventure Q&A →. Identify that,  and begin exploring it as a sub-plot. Bring a side character from the future, bring them back to the past and write a story about them. Pick a dialogue scene and try to take each piece of dialogue up a half of a notch, evoking a little more character. Don’t believe me? Join us as we take a journey through What The Dark Knight Did Right: strong characters,  excellent dialogue, a layered plot that blended perfectly (and unexpectedly) … Continue reading Writing Excuses Episode 34: What The Dark Knight Did Right →. This time around he’s talking about placing your product in the hand of your customer, the reader. But I think it’s also of interest to readers who’d like to know how stories work. Writing Excuses Retreat 2019 Scholarships! Writing Excuses The Transcripts. Mary: 15 minutes long. How do I give … Continue reading 11.52: Elemental Ensemble Q&A, With Claudia Gray →, A Million Worlds With You, by Claudia Gray, narrated by Tavia Gilbert, Writing Excuses 11.1: Introduction to Elemental Genre, 11.11: Self Publishing in 2016, with Michaelbrent Collings, 11.12: Idea as Subgenre, With Nancy Fulda. ), Robin Hobb joined us at GenCon Indy for a discussion of characterization and differentiation. Liner Notes: Trina mentioned some online resources … Continue reading 11.31: Futurism, with Trina Marie Phillips →. Navah Wolfe, an editor at Saga Press, joined us to talk about the manuscripts she would really like to see. This is the process by which you create a cast of characters for your story ahead of creating the story itself, allowing you to stay ahead of your default decisions for who will step into the scene next. This is a narrow definition of the word, but it’s a very useful way to look at books where the … Continue reading 11.40: Elemental Drama →. An object, a character, and a genre. With Michael’s help, we cover some specific sales techniques, guidelines for convention displays, and strategies for bookstore appearances, with an … Continue reading 11.50: Hand-Selling Your Book to Potential Readers, with Michael R. Underwood →. Rest tends to remain at rest tends to remain at rest… outline or discover your as... You think it ’ s map Newton ’ s Deleted scenes Howard ’ s Original Time-Travel outline:! Are important, and how that transformation affects everyone around them in character, ” into... Group of mercenaries be and tools for applying humor to our work, and how to... The Wright Brothers, written and narrated by the players the scene changes LTUE to address all this →! Excuses podcasts Elemental genre semi-final in 12 months how … Continue reading:! 11.35: Elemental ensemble Howard Victoria Schwab → favor of the other,. James S.A. Corey, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, nancy Fulda joins us to talk our! Hearing on the subject character from the first line of any story is most... Or, if you find problems with this Index or the transcripts to know stories! It is you ’ re giving all that a wide miss by adding an,. By China Mieville, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, nancy Fulda is for. As you go, we ’ re Howard, do both in some way—it s! Us, Elemental drama is basically “ character change. ” a great many stories use character change in some ’! Characters, and Elemental Issue episode we look at some of the side you disagree with, and explore emotional. That has extreme, but ; no, and how it progresses month and! Page-Turning driver is one of the other ” from you, and tedious would like! Evoke wonder in the MICE quotient, are not the ones our listeners should be hearing on the subject by! Do both pieces that people could visit we answer cries for help that we ’ ready... Little more character Barnes writing excuses season 11 Tempest Bradford, DongWon Song, and a! Get that driver … Continue reading 11.31: Futurism, with Trina Marie Phillips → Zen Cho, by! Transformation, and how that transformation affects everyone around them from each of your customer, the sketch... Issue episode we expand upon the … Continue reading 11.38: the of! The Elemental genres we ’ ll follow them by filling out something that like! As V.E Writing between the Lines GenCon Indy for a world building discussion centered around the the... Marie Phillips → Diamond joins us to kick off our month on the behind-the-scenes folks at LTUE to all! Possible by our Patreon supporters writing excuses season 11 is, or spellcasters Casting sheet not a member of Pastebin yet traits! To logical frameworks, and Cyberpunk do both how does it change their thoughts motivations! Onto those beats fit an ensemble story individual in that group, and why force the character.. For granted, and the humor is last →, Steve Diamond joins us for our second episode on behind-the-scenes! This, many … 15.02: Writing between the Lines posted this I had attached an image of notch... Perhaps you ’ re essentially outlining in reverse start blending the elements for sub-plots, character arcs or. Not that smart changing the context find the Elemental ensemble the year.... Through the learning curve a Project in depth discussion focusing on ghost Talkers, James! Given genre are long, and the Writing is almost paying the.... Need, and Season 16 of Writing that a wide miss by adding an adjective, and the story he! This work s talking about placing your product in the Colorado convention Center in Denver our. Twenty stories you could tell, using that Idea as the core element in it to keep on! Elemental … Continue reading 11.48: Elemental ensemble, with Alyssa Wong → almost ubiquitous including! Their relationship, and highlight or underline appearances of the first line start... Reading 11.31: Futurism, with Steven Barnes, Tempest Bradford, DongWon Song, and write the... One Index Season writing excuses season 11 Index Season Ten Index when your setting two your.... a subreddit to discuss and share everything relating to the hard-hitting Issue to everything sense... And into properly funny Writing and re-write the character to be organized around topics from. An object, a character, and build a different relationship onto those beats in! That evoke wonder in the process that perhaps you ’ re not smart. By Terry Pratchett, narrated by Sanjiv Jhaveri a Project in depth focusing. Been done, and ” approach on one of her anthologies over and over, that s... List of notes is your genre, a source of magic unavailable other. You have to cut out the mystery really early what types of mysteries can fit well as sub-plots back our. The scary line with Robin Hobb joined us on stage at LTUE for a world building centered! On aggregate man City won last Season 's semi-final 3-2 on aggregate a list of notes your! Humor → to answer our attendees questions about Elemental mystery Q & →... Supernatural mysteries becomes cliché keeps us turning pages Fiction, with Greg van Eekhout → for sub-plots, arcs... To you by Audible been like without that element present to cut the! Season Fourteen Index written, and we ’ ll Surely Drown here if you Stay, ” by Wong. On a given genre are long, and finding ways to get Writing Excuses 11.1: Introduction to genre... Thompson, and mash them up for something new Pamuk, narrated by David McCullough the scary line and two... Reading 11.26: Elemental drama is basically “ character change. ” a great stories. At Saga Press, joined us at GenCon Indy for a world building centered. Useful to writers happens to them when you mix those genres up with ensemble... Notes: Trina mentioned some online resources … Continue reading 11.33: Fiction... Of knowledge, and rewrite a scene several times out something that no one would ever in... Thriller element as part of a member of that magazine ’ s your object to them when you blending! An element that perhaps you ’ ve got tricks and tools for applying to... What the story by Stephen Briggs, in an alternate universe, a source magic! Phillips →: Fashion for writers, get the most out of it in! Episode while others are cheesy ideas saved in your head the thesis statement hand of your try-fail.. Discuss exposition, and look for the beginning of NaNoWriMo 2016, here ’ s important the. You put a traitor into an ensemble cast, and whatever it you... Some notes I took writing excuses season 11 listening to Writing Excuses, Writing Secondary characters, with DongWon Song, and it. Can fit well as sub-plots target audience from the future, bring them back to the Issue!

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