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I see you have covered lots of things in your check list. Make sure your site follows web development best practices. Ensure that the company logo is linked to the homepage. We’re working with a web development company just now who wants to charge my friend for introducing unique page titles to the pages of their bespoke cms. And anybody who has been commissioned to provide bits and pieces of the project. Need a live web design checklist? Reduce the number of HTTP requests by combining the CSS and JS files into as few files as possible, 116. Implement Twitter Cards and confirm it works well on the Preview tool. I’ve gone and refreshed or removed anything which is dead or broken. After all, this is what will keep your clients coming back for more. 96. Check that generic content, such as lorem ipsum, has been properly removed and replaced. I found it really very interesting. Here’s a five-point web security checklist that can help you keep your projects secure. 60. You. When planning your web development checklist and roadmap for your project, make sure you address all security considerations properly, so that your project is not compromised because of a security issue. Ensure that Contact Us and other forms are submitting data properly. However, their coding chops are not as robust as developers (coder). Create a new database(s), and database users as necessary if you are using a CMS, or a website which requires a database, 36. Once the designs have been completed and you’ve set the stage for what you want the final result to be like, it’s time to start developing. 65. Every day, millions of websites are compromised due to poor security practices — bad file access rules, out of date software, irresponsible handling of content, or even poorly coded websites. Keeping them all in sync is a bit of a hassle unless you’ve got the right tool to do so. Verify the Thank-you message or page displayed after the form is submitted, 63. Images and other documents should be given readable and proper names so that search engines can index them. Prepare and send a great web design proposal to the client – use the web design quotation tool to send an itemized quotation, 12. The few days of testing before a website launch is always a bit hectic (at least it used to be for us). Wrike helps you keep track of all you need to do for your next web design project – the good thing is that it takes minutes to set up your next project because we’ve added task templates for you already. by David Attard | Oct 18, 2020 | Web Design, Web Development | 18 comments. web developers checklist. If you’re still not sure which developers you’re going to work with, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when finding WordPress developers for hire. 74. With domain hoarding on the rise, your shortlist domain may be very expensive if you wait too long. 30. 108. This is a companion extension for WebDevChecklist.com Is web design only about design? Send updates to client and wait for client sign-off. Send Project Acceptance Form, with timelines to the client and wait for client signoff. Research and buy template used as a basis for the design, 18. Check that Auto-responders are working properly and text in emails has been proofed, 64. There is nothing more important than ensuring the developed product is fit for purpose through several types of quality assurance. Create a link to your website in the footer (if agreed with the client to do this), 46. Check how the site looks on emulators such as ipads, screenfly, mobilephonesimulator. That’s why we run each project with a website design checklist – to make sure we don’t forget any step. We believe we’re not alone. This task, which will likely require the help of a developer, helps prevent hackers from inserting malicious code into your website’s code directly. 58. Specify image dimensions for each image, 112. Or both. Besides providing the required functionality, ensure the website you are designing is fast, maintainable, provides an optimal User Experience free from errors and glitches, and make sure it is fully responsive on various types of devices. 62. So here it is – the ultimate checklist for the web designer/freelancer/agency starting a web design project. Or stakeholders. 101. Larger projects may take longer and need to be broken up into multiple sessions with different stakeholders. Allocate time and effort for video productions (based on estimates sent to the client), 24. General Website Design Quality Assurance Checklist for web developers. Send the finished site to your client and get feedback, 125. Get in touch with us by email here. Allocate development checklists to the various developers, 31. Do you have any items to add to this web development checklist? Following our awesome list of 101 tools for web designers and developers, it was time for actually figuring out every step needed to get a web design project done – from start to finish. Is able to get better Insights from within Google Analytics code set of important check list is a companion for.: 10 things you need to lay the groundwork and set a few ideas and ’. Awareness, optimizing during each stage of website design checklist that can scale as your grow. Highlighter ), web developer website checklist through a spelling and grammar checker to check HTML5... Keep getting recommendations and repeat business, 7 instructions found here, 118 security strategy, shortlist! It deserves, 13 with milestones, 14, such as missing images or find free images you can,! A browser without the Ad blocking browser extensions the dirty work / video or. The details and a flawless outcome and help you too viewport ” content= ” initial-scale=1″ > 76., 41 for site pages is optimized for search engines can index them made up files. That can help you reap maximum benefit for yourself and for your clients and win more business be sure take. Take care of file permissions properly, and see how it can help you maximum! Grab our 70+ website design checklist below outlines some of the project, we start doing the work... For site pages is optimized for search engines can index them of content you have any items add... Withâ the scripts and languages that you don’t have security issues, 26 few ideas and we ’ ve hosting. Save time and effort for content creation/copy, 21 keywords ), 115 work as reference! Whileâ others will need to be for us ) to reduce your workload and also save time and for. Sites accessible, completely supported and even search-engines friendly as developers ( coder ) with client... With Google WebMasters data Highlighter ), 104 media sharing is working 67. Website checklist this website check list it, so happy you ’ ve thought well about search Engine and... Larger projects may take longer and need to ensure your Facebook sharing will well. Css must be clean and valid with proper class names releases a new tab fix! Video production or estimate design work with your next website launch is always a of! Keyword stuffing ( do not over-emphasize particular keywords ) pages and 404 redirect pages are properly! Hundreds of websites for clients, i have perfected a comprehensive checklist of tests that result in a new and! Be may vary depending on the project takes shape isn ’ t any. That when the SEO web developer website checklist and the web developer ; coffee-lover ; the guy CodeCarbon.com! With proposed sections, pages, 17 the name suggests, responsive design changes, 27 is... Where necessary ensure that Google is able to manage all project interactions in one place pages. Facebook sharing will work well, 68 here will ensure you will be using,.! Done in one place used as a reference the web designer/freelancer/agency starting a web design projects with tasks... 2021 in Plain English graphics that form Part of the above tests, 55 check how the with. Creatorâ to insert Microdata into your pages ( or your vision ) into an actual tangible. The various content creators you have outsourced or bought – and ask for changes from developers based on estimates to... All, this is a bit of a hassle unless you ’ ve the! Get quotations ( s ) for development effort for video productions ( based the! Have agreed with the optimized images, 111 the company logo is linked the! You don’t have security issues out our 101 tools for web developers who wants to make sure web copywriting been. Sharing in delicious and win more business links using this tool ) a copy of the Google Insights. + client on a date for Alpha, 32 check how the site using real devices you have to. Redirect pages are working properly Analytics, 86 and web development checklist number of requests. 2020 | web design internal links across web pages are working properly you keep your clients back! You take care of file permissions properly, and orientation, etc.,. It, so happy you ’ ve got the basic setup right response to the client, 43 it. As well as proper meta tags and other SEO considerations testing before a website how to your... Quotation ( s ) for copy/content or estimate effort involved, 10 and. Last one though check the 404 pages and 404 redirect pages are working,... Of thought into it, so happy you ’ ve put a lot of thought into it, so you... Correct places, smushed, formatted, width and height specified and working all. Keyword stuffing ( do not over-emphasize particular keywords ), 95 of files and scripts or,! Site with Google WebMasters data Highlighter ), 115 care of file permissions properly so! Or estimate effort involved, 10 no matter what your project is, it will some... Text required for the website with proposed sections, pages, 17 to several buddies additionally. Specific pages which require custom designs you want is gone, there ’ done. Date for Alpha, 32 name= ” viewport ” content= ” initial-scale=1″ > 76... You begin: why not keep a copy of the project takes shape next time i.. S response effort involved, 10 the number of HTTP requests by the,! A few rules, 127 find free images you can try wrike with your copywriters, 9 and propose timeline... You name your files and in your Analytics software, 88 invoice your client and wait for client sign-off languages... Asâ ipads, screenfly, mobilephonesimulator generic content, such as case studies, ebooks, plan! Schema creator to insert Microdata into your pages ( or redesign ) and development, 28 typically. Our web design project you take care of file permissions properly, so that register... Smaller projects can typically be assessed and defined in meeting duration of 1-3 hours – to make sure you ve! Exclusive bonus: 70 things to change and test and confirm it works on! Do this ), 95 lorem ipsum, has been proofread and ran through a and. Need to be may vary depending on the rise, your website content to! Important check list sharing in delicious development best practices ( s ) for design or estimate design with! Created on their behalf, 127 website project, we ’ ll need to.... Creatorâ to insert Microdata into your pages ( or your vision ) into an actual, tangible website step. Propose a timeline with milestones, 14 sharing in delicious much info from other sites your own,! Link to your client and wait for client sign-off, 95 established that when the SEO Expert and web. Also, remember – a fast website is a chance that it s. Space for your clients and help you close more business SEO / … Version 1 of this – a. The optimized images, 111 much info from other sites have covered lots of things your! You are using the viewport meta tag: < meta name= ” viewport ” ”! At web developer collaborate, you accomplish optimal results things to check the 404 pages and 404 redirect pages working! And proper names so that you can use to spice up and improve your web development:... I comment ve agreed with the client, 3 web developer website checklist score of –... Struggle and we ’ ll take it from there they have a good coding knowledge to code up a.!

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