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Arthur was cool and better looking, but he's basically in the same league as John from 1. He has no delusions of grandeur or even romance. I love John Marston (I play through RDR1 about once a year), but Arthur is probably my favorite protagonist in any game ever. I never played rdr1 but I watched the ending out of curiosity and the voice acting and performance for Arthur is obviously leaps and bounds. Arthur is one of the best protagonists period I think he is the better protagonist but I like John as a character more. Arthur Morgan vs John Marston - Red dead redemption 2 - Who is the best? Arthur witnessed his death when he was young as well, and despite not liking his father, or knowing his mother, he kept photos for them for either comfort or fondness for them. Sounds like a lot of assumption on your part. Whoever is Arthur's voice actor does a phenomenal job of bringing the character to life. (RDR2 SPOILERS) (15 votes) Arthur Morgan 80% . I feel like John will be more popular but I like Arthur. Arthur is so great. This game made me respect him even more than I did in RDR1. Don't compare him to Arthur because Arthur was 36 so he has 10 years more experience and is more wise. #9. By TheSantader25, November 4, 2018 in Red Dead Redemption 2. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 3 of 3 . The good guy usually wins in fiction because the bad guy usually wins in real life. This game and 1 gave him a HUGE boost of character development. John. He's a tough and rugged guy but he's also got an introspective side, and if you read his journal as you play through the game you really get a good idea of who he is. The story was may more focused in the first game, which made me symphatize with John a lot more than currently with Arthur. Brash big talkers playing fast and loose with firepower are staples of videogaming, and Rockstar does them like no one else. Please sign in or register to vote in this poll. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I like how the tied these two games together through subtle dialogue 2 years ago John Marston's voice is a tough act to follow but RockStar nailed it with Arthur Morgan's voice Jack Marston's awful voice whine made me realize how important a good voice is for a character and I didn't think they would be able to pull off the same Western magic that John Marston… Thought he was kinda boring, I get it John, your trying to be a better father and husband, you only ever mention it to every other person you talk to. Semi-related, but I really like how R* (since GTA4) has generally avoided the use of well-known VO actors. Gurantee plenty of people taking the poll played the first game. Lyle was a criminal and outlaw, and was arrested for larceny in 1874, and Arthur described as a "no good bastard". I feel the exact opposite, I think I'm near the end of the game and I find John the more complex and compelling character. SPOILERS ‌Arthur Morgan vs John Marston. Arthur Morgan in RDR2. John Marston learned from Arthur and the rest of the Van der Linde gang, and he goes on to surpass Arthur Morgan. Arthur Morgan hands down. If you combine both games John is better imo. • 2 years ago. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Arthur Morgan vs John Marston vs Jack Marston". In RDR2 Arthur is the best main character. It’s easy to write a memorable psycho. Arthur puts more personality into a “Sure” than 99 percent of videogame characters. Loved his journey and seeing him grow throughout the game, especially in that final chapter. Im gonna say Arthur is in my top 5 protags of all time list. The good guy usually wins in fiction because the bad guy usually wins in real life. Actually, despite not yet done with RDR2, I'll swap both out for Dutch. Didn't think they'd be able to do better than John, but they did. He’s a no-nonsense day-in-the-life uncomplicated cowboy. Every time John was around in RDR2 I couldn’t help but smile. Of course everyone is going to remember Trevor, Niko, and Marston. Seemed like the only thing he ever talked about. He ran with Dutch van der Linde, Bill Williamson, Arthur Morganand Javier Escuella, committing robberies, raids, murders, kidnappings, and other crimes across the frontier. RyuNova 16,520 Posted February 12, 2019. (honourable playthrough btw). Arthur Morgan is the sidekick, a few short years from being the old coot. They were both outstanding. John Marston is a better human being, though, even if he is a bit simple minded. ‌Arthur Morgan vs John Marston Follow @RedDeadNet! Arthur is a way more complex and nuanced character. He's far more interesting than either of them. حبينا الجزئين واتعلقنا بالشخصيتين! Around 1878, Arthur was picked up and adopted by Dutch van der Lindeand Hosea Matthews, and viewed both of them as surrogate fath… Share. Arthur. That may change as I progress through the game though. Arthur is a much more complicated character, and is fleshed out more than Marston. To anyone saying that Arthur saved John's life... Nope. For some reason I just empathize more with him on so many levels. Young Arthur was not a stranger to the life of crime, as his father, Lyle Morgan, was a well-respected outlaw before he was arrested for burglary in 1874. As such, it's easy to look at John Marston and Arthur Morgan and simply choose which one related to a player more, yet when it comes down to it, John Marston is still a … Arthur was cool and better looking, but he's basically in the same league as John from 1. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nowhere near the end of the game but for me its Arthur. How do you take a rowboat in Red Dead Online on a PC, not with controller but using a proper keyboard? Arthur is probably one of the greatest protagonists in this medium tbh. Dunkin, Timmy Hoes, Krispy, or even farm-to-table, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the love song of J. Arthur Morgan. He get's my vote, love his character. John was about 26 years old in RDR2 whereas he was almost 40 in the original. I'm only like 30% done with the story, but Arthur is winning for me so far. Arthur is considerably more entertaining and endearing. That moment RDR2 babies vote with their only exposure to John is this game, Did Dutch make a pact with the Strange Man? Arthur, I wasn't expecting to like him as much as I did. Honestly, Arthur is now up there with Joel/Ellie as one of my favourite video game protagonists ever. This isn't very fair, imo since Marston's game was a decade ago and I highly doubt most people remember the writing and intricate details of the game. Now that RDR2 has been out for a week and a half or so, I thought I'd ask people which protagonist they enjoyed more. Nowadays it's agreed that Arthur Morgan, protagonist to the much lauded Red Dead Redemption 2, is the franchise's best character. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. Pretty much it's Clint Eastwood (John Marston) vs John Wayne (Arthur Morgan). Emanresu_20. John. Arthur is a much more complicated character, and is fleshed out more than Marston. There’s a focus to John’s character and motives that is easily identifiable and understandable. Arthur is funnier than John in my opinion but from the hours I’ve played I found John to be a deeper character. One of my favorite video game protagonists of all-time. The series gave fans two empathetic and fleshed-out heroes in John Marston and Arthur Morgan, with the former also being a playable character in the epilogue of RDR2. Recommended Posts. John Marston comes back for Arthur to help him fight Micah Bell during the 'Red Dead Redemption' mission on PC. He's one of my favorite characters this gen for sure. I love John, much more than I do Arthur, but Arthur is a way better character, he's just a lot better written. Presenting Digital Pause-dry, where pausing your game and zoom in on pavement 300x is the new gaming innovation. Tom Chick summed up why I liked Arthur. He is most certainly the best part of RDR2. In stealing from the rich, they in turn gave to the poor. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Arthur Morgan vs John Marston". Just an amazing character through and through, he reminds me somewhat of Joel from TLOU. Poll Arthur Morgan or John Marston? He's the most perfect example of a. Arthur conflicts me more which us why I like him more. #RDR2 Morgan’s interactions with Jack seem far more natural than even Jack and John’s interactions in both games, suggesting that in another life Morgan could have been a decent dad. So my White Arabian from Isabella Lake just died. Surprising coming from a Rockstar game. How does the game run on PS5 vs Xbox Series X? So the young John is a lot more 'annoying' but he isn't always like that as he gets much older. Marston’s story may not be as sprawling as Arthur’s, but this is not always a negative. Was waiting for this thread. Arthur was definitely the work horse in RDR2 game, that's for sure. I think that many people who will take part in this poll haven't played the first game unfortunately. I know it’s not a fair assessment on my part. قولنا مين فيهم الأقرب لقلبك؟ #GameValley #LetsPlay When they were together Marston was more of a punk kid, but he grows a lot over time. I thought I'd be wanting to be playing as John in this, but I don't. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Marston wasn't bad though, definitely one of the better Rockstar characters. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. Arthur is probably the best character Rockstar has ever created. On the flip side, it seems Arthur Morgan as the ideal gang member and protagonist almost trivializes John entirely. Rockstar. Owww recent bias is strong,John is my favorite,but Arthur was a great surprise,I think I like him as much as John and is already an achievement,I want see a poll in a few years. I am still in chapter 3. They wanted to elicit change in the people of the West, although this might just be his own justification f… Arthur Morgan is a central character and the main protagonist of the video game, Red Dead Redemption II. It's John Marston vs Arthur Morgan to see which of Rockstar's Red Dead titles is better. RyuNova. Arthur is fantastic and easily one of the best R* characters ever but my heart lies with John. Tweet. Arthur Morgan is a HORRIBLE protagonist, so of course John Marston is the winner. *Spoilers*. Gruff, avuncular, even muted. With these two characters being pivotal to the success of the series, CBR examines which was the better lead character, taking into account the story, character progression, motivations and relationships with other characters. He got a lot of character progression and personal story as compared to John, hence making him more compelling character. John Marston vs Arthur Morgan. Along with John and Miss Grimshaw, he was one of the gang's first original members. Poll - Who do you like better as a protagonist - Arthur Morgan or John Marston. This is hard, I'll go with Arthur though. Personally it still goes to John for me. I prefer John, because he seems to be a much nicer guy than Arthur, atleast in rdr1. Who do you prefer as a protagonist? Will it respawn? Who is your favourite character and why? Well, I still can't figure out which is Arthur Morgan during parts of the game that they talk. You must log in or register to reply here. Arthur is the better character especially in chapter 6 where playing mostly honorable shows how much at odds he was with his own lifestyle. Arthur was born in 1863 to Lyle and Beatrice Morgan, and she died when he was very young. He get's my vote, love his character. John Marston the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. They're both great but John has a voice like rough honey whiskey and that trumps all. I didn't like John all that much tbh. John Marston 20% . John Marston was great, but having finished RDR2, I can safely say that Arthur is definitely better. The last but, hopefully, not least, is Arthur Morgan, another Dutch's best protégé. John Marston in RDR1. An outlaw, former gang member and gunslinger. - Results (91 votes). But a laconic cowboy who listens more than he talks, who watches quietly, who rarely takes the initiative, and who’s happy to let someone else be in charge? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I initially disliked Arthur cuz he reminded me of your standard gruff cowboy character creator... Arthur easily. How do i move items from my personal satchel to the horse satchel? Nov 5, 2018. JavaScript is disabled. Marston is the better person, and has the nostalgia factor going for him. I feel like RDR2's, the main story's ending was a cheap retread of the first game that really soured my opinion of Arthur. One of the best characters I have had the pleasure to play as. But that game serves as a prequel to Marston's Red Dead. According to Marston, the gang stole and fought for a reason. I'm still only a good ways in chapter 2 so I voted for John based on RDR1, it would take a heck of a lot to change my stance on that. "Tie" should really be an option. Definitely Arthur, alot more fleshed out and relatable character.

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