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A criminal record may include an individual's arrests, warrants, criminal charges filed, and convictions and sentences for criminal offenses. Since the beginning of the operation at the detention center, the Martin County Sheriff’s Department has been the office associated with overseeing and supervising the day by day activity. Jail roster. Nationwide Inmate Search. 218-694-6226, 218-694-2055. Located in Anoka, Minnesota, the Anoka County Jail houses nearly 238 inmates, most of whom are awaiting their trails. Civil Process. In Oct 1892 is when the construction of the jail was produced. Martin County is named after Henry Martin, a pioneer settler. The Martin County Jail, located in the city of Fairmont, in Martin County, Minnesota is a medium to maximum-security facility. You can find out who is in custody by checking the custody list below or by calling the ADC at 507-328-6790. Every year this facility has 500 Bookings, with a daily average of 25 Inmates … Sunday 7:30 Am to 2:30 PM ; Monday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM ; Tuesday 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM ; Wednesday … The original jail was a one-story wooden jail. Search a jail roster of all inmates in custody of Detention Services at the Blue Earth City Jail, MN. Updated on: September 21, 2020. Martin County Jail is in Minnesota. Search. The jail houses an average daily of 700 inmates. The Martin County Jail started operation in 1845. Police Reports. How to visit someone in jail. Look up information about inmates at the Hennepin County Jail in downtown Minneapolis. It is an adult detention facility for offenders. Jail Records include important information about an individual's criminal history, including arrest logs, booking reports, and detentions in Martin County jails. To view the arrest information and photograph of a currently incarcerated Martin County inmate, enter his/her name and date of birth below. 507-526-5959. Find data on those inmates who are currently incarcerated in Martin County Jail, Minnesota, and how to visit them. The Martin County Jail & Detention Center is under the operation of the Security Division. Martin County, Minnesota Sheriff Overview. The Martin county jail is located at 201 Lake Avenue, Fairmont, MN, 56031. Records reflect current inmates and those released in the last seven days. Blue Earth County Jail Roster Report Date and Time of Booking: 12/29/2020at 8:58 pm 1Allen, Jaren Lee Age: 25 Arresting AgencyCase NumberCharges StatusProjected Rls Date Mankato Police Felon Convicted Crime of Violence - Firearm Violation 1 CR-18-5397 Sentenced Date and Time of Booking: 05/25/2020at10:46 pm 2Anderson, Jacob Andrew Age: 28 Arresting AgencyCase NumberCharges … The Martin County Jail is responsible for inmates who have already been convicted and inmates that are going through the […] Goodhue County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. Jail Inmate Search. PREA Audit Report - 06-12-2017. Search. The Faribault County Jail is located in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Home; Home; Minnesota; Blue Earth City Jail ; Blue Earth City Jail, MN Prison Roster, Online Inmate Search Updated on: August 6, 2020. This facility is licensed by the State of Minnesota. About Martin County Jail The Martin County Jail is located in Fairmont, Minnesota. Its county seat is in Fairmont. In the Blue Earth County, the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Office oversees to facilities: the Faribault County Jail and alongside the Huber Facility. In Minnesota, as in most states, county jails-generally under the supervision of the county sheriff’s office-are used to house inmates who are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to less than 365 days of incarceration. Only enter what you know. The Martin County Security Center does not maintain an online roster of inmates currently incarcerated in the facility. Contraband; Fees; Health Care; Jail Roster ; Inmate Property & Money; Mail; Telephone Service; Visitation; Press Releases. Contact Us. Search a jail roster of all inmates in custody of Detention Services at the Clearwater County Jail, MN. For media requests related to booking photos, please call 952-496-8129. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Jail Roster. These sections include the intake and booking process, custody, and inmate property. View Roster. Arrests, Warrant, Docket, Mugshot. Individuals may be in the jail intake and not listed on the roster until they have been assigned a booking number. Permits. The Martin County Sheriff’s Area of expertise was first started in the late 1700s and was in a […] Home; Minnesota; Martin County Jail; Martin County Jail, MN Whos In Jail, Inmate Roster. The Martin County Historical Society bought this and listed it on the Nation Register of Historic Places […] The Faribault County Jail is licensed to house up to 469 inmates at any given time. Martin County Criminal Records are documents that list an individual's criminal history in Martin County, Minnesota. So … The jail roster is updated every hour. Faribault County Jail. This facility holds offenders up to one year. Martin County Sheriffs Department / Martin County Jail Address 201 Lake Avenue, Fairmont, Minnesota, 56031 Phone 507-238-4481 Fax 507-238-1093 Contact Someone in Jail. In order for them to purchase these items, inmates must have money on their personal accounts. Information is updated hourly and might not include records for recent arrivals currently in intake. When ready, click the Run Report button. Anyone arrested in Fairmont city limits will initially be sent to this jail, but they will not typically stay at this jail long-term. Inmates in the Emmet County Jail are allowed to purchase additional items such as food, personal items, and games from a store located within the jail called commissary. Martin County Jail Records are documents created by Minnesota State and local law enforcement authorities whenever a person is arrested and taken into custody in Martin County, Minnesota. Jail records, court & arrest records, mugshots and even judicial reports. Inmate Search in Martin County Jail. The cost of replacing and making a new jail would be $4,522,822. Zip codes in Martin County include 56031, 56039, 56075, 56088, 56121, 56127, 56162, 56171, 56176 and 56181. The Martin County Jail inmates are allowed to get books, newspaper and magazines. After the trial and sentencing, inmates are typically relocated to … Inmate Search; NATIONWIDE INMATE RECORDS ONLINE CHECK. The Martin County Jail & Detention Center is situated in Fairmont, Minnesota. Nationwide Inmate Search. It is the only jail in Martin County and serves all law enforcement agencies. Minnesota. Jail Custody Roster; Take it to the Box; Take it to the Box A permanent prescription disposal box is available as a service to the public in the lobby of the Martin County Law Enforcement Center, 201 Lake Avenue, Fairmont, MN. Updated on: November 21, 2020. Important Tips About Jail Phone Calls. Persons may use false information. Visitation Hours. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the Scott County Jail Roster, please contact: Information includes names, charges, bail and next court date. The Security Division is composed of three main sections.

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