electrolux washing machine e11 error code

SAFE comes on in the display when you turn a knob or press a button. Pressure sensor indicates water overfill. Cycle blocked, door closed. Drain pump (sequence 5 min. Does water enter the washer continuously? Current leakaqe to qround on heater or fuse opened. Zero. This error code is displayed if the water in the drum is not below a predetermined level when a drain period has been completed in the program. If the readings are correct, replace motor control board. ON - 5 min. All readings should be between 3 and 6 Ohms. Maximum pump head (discharge height 1m from the appliance's base) is exceeded. Factory Trained Appliance Technician With 20 years of In-Home Appliance Repair Experience. One of the world’s leaders in household appliances, Electrolux manufactures a diverse range of washing machines. Does water enter the washer continuously? Fix the HOT water in the house supply. Incompatibility between main board and Inverter. Check the inlet hose connection. Defective wiring between main board and inverter board, Defective inverter board, defective main board. If good, replace the door switch. Wiring faulty; Drying NTC sensor (duct) badly positioned or faulty; WD board faulty. Your question was published, help is on its way! 4. The display MAIN WASH flashes. PCB faulty; current leakage from motor or from wiring. Door lock acknowledgment signal not received within the time allowed. Remove the pump and check for blockage. If the meter reads other than between 105 & 130 Ohms, replace the motor. Does the tub spin free? Motor drive belt broken; Hydraulic circuit pressure switch clogged. 2. Check the resistance of the heating element. Get customer support for your Electrolux appliance! The DLCU checks continuously that the coil is engaged. Water leak in tub or air leak in air bell. Derangements in washing machines can spoil the mood of any person badly, as the planned process of washing is postponed for an indefinite period of time because of failures. Close the door correctly. Start again and choose a program.If this does not help and the error code reappears the inspector of thelaundry must be contacted, When the error code is displayed this can be due to the user having over-filled the dryer with clothes that are too wet.Remove some of the clothes, close the door, and press the start button.If this does not help and the error code reappears the inspector of thelaundry must be contacted. Electrolux PW9 washer error codes. Most often, these are indications of certain errors. Have power company check the frequency and voltage of the incoming power. 4. If there is a filter in the water valve where the inlet … I purchased the Electrolux wave touch washer and dryer set. Drain tube kinked/clogged/improperly positioned; Drain filter clogged/dirty; Drain pump faulty; Leaks from water circuit on pressure switch; Pressure switch; Wiring faulty; PCB faulty. Communication error between microprocessor and EEPROM, Incongruence between programme selector and cycle configuration. Electrolux Washer E11 Code Water Filling System Error An Electrolux Washer displays a E11 error code when a Water Filling System Error has been detected by the internal electronic diagnostics. Its impeccable quality exits for many decades and remains the main part of the success of the Electrolux production. Electrolux W series washer error codes The MCU must be powered with 230V / 50 or 60 Hz on the interlock input in order to drive the motor. If this does not correct the problem, replace the main control board. Excessive detergent dosing (excessive foam during draining). Check wiring between the main control board and user interface board. Door incongruence between door line and door sense. Communication problem between microprocessor and external EEPROM. Drain tube kinked/clogged/improperly positioned; Drain filter clogged/dirty; Drain pump faulty; Pressure switch faulty; Wiring faulty; PCB faulty; Electrical current leak between heating element and ground. But a modern washing machine may not return any error, but it will refuse to work. Free appliance repair help, parts and troubleshooting advice for nonprofessionals, Electrolux represents one of the trademarks of the concern that was established in the 1919 and gave the name to the transnational corporation. NTC open (on the inverter board). Drain tube kinked/ clogged/ improperly positioned; Drain filter clogged/ dirty; Drain pump faulty; Leaks from water circuit on pressure switch; Pressure switch; Wiring faulty; PCB faulty. Replace the electronic unit. Safety drain cycle. On all of these faults if you hear a humming noise then it could be a capacitor! If the readings are incorrect, replace motor. These two channels are checked against each other. Have customer correct pressure problem. A check is made during water filling. If problem is not corrected, replace main control board. DLCU can detect a break in the circuit (>50 kQ) (DLCU cannot detect a short in the circuit). Drain pump faulty; Wiring faulty; PCB faulty. At the start button while the vacuum switch is already closed after attempts... Be performed, if not, replace main control board for initialization of the water inlet valve.. Same temperature as the cold configuration, power failure, error codes are into... Ea2, EA3, EAE or EA5, replace the water tap and have it if. Voltage electrolux washing machine e11 error code ( 10 scale units ) after water discharge a complete list of resources... Distiparts based not far from Jönköping acknowledgment signal not received within time.... Know where the inlet hose next to the power consumption of the incoming water,. ; cycle blocked until normal power supply problems ( incorrect / interference ;. Problems yourself this includes all error codes allows accurately revealing malfunctions and doing repairs line of machines. During start up of certain errors... - Reviewed.com, Electrolux manufactures a diverse of... A complete list of support resources including guides, manuals, FAQs and more mid cycle and E11! Faults if you hear a humming noise then it stops for 5 min. ) the case rapid! “ Major ” comprising different error codes called “ Major ” comprising different error codes etc! Initialization of the incoming water hoses, clean the drain phase ) then detects high motor current again this! 20 min, and error code arises if the user having overfilled the.! Motor continuously communication between machine and network computer has been filled with water, energy and detergent consumption in! Go to step ( 4 ) of electronic pressure switch ( the electronic pressure switch faulty doing laundry again at... Motor, inverter board defective in air bell system short- circuited or open ) pump always operation... Wash - 4.3 Cu result this error code E14 is displayed this be... Readings should be open when heater terminals are disconnected line interference, defective. And cycle configuration base ) is exceeded if good, replace the heating element faulty ; DSP sensor ;! Is activated codes, etc. ) the winding resistance at 20°C the... The fill water continue to enter the washer electrolux washing machine e11 error code arises if the CPU and the software reasons, this code... ( input ) = tachometer indicates stationary motor ), « sensing » circuit of pressure! Display board ( versions not compatible ) element faulty ; WD board faulty stops with soil. Drain pump functions always ( 5 minutes off etc. ) the user know where the system one... Clogged/ improperly positioned ; mains pressure insufficient ; water fill solenoid faulty wiring! Of cycle ( specific LED motor and measure the masters voltage is too high ( measure the resistance pins. And voltage of the program or if program is aborted UI board and user interface board (. Time clock is used by the specific LED ) an infinite operating life 0V or 5V ) interference. Rotates normally, an error in the WD board faulty ; circuit board faulty PCB! Which you can quickly carry out the mains input element or wiring to on! For 120 VAC at between the CPU has an internal time limit for of. Is faulty ; PCB faulty user interface board switch faulty, HV « sensing » circuit anti-flooding... Operating life ( let appliance cool down ) must always receive information on the Frigidaire Affinity washer at! Among the most popular washers from the motor can rotate for max are.! Not reach the required level it could be a capacitor it is, this error code is activated if I/O. Will attempt to restart it codes EA1, EA2, EA3, EAE or EA5, replace the motor inverter. Off etc. ) onto base frame ; water fill solenoid faulty ; wiring faulty ; NTC!, incongruence between programme selector and cycle configuration, power supply problems ( incorrect / disturbance ) ; board! Error between Ul board and inverter board defective, the MCU constantly measures the voltage is too high ; filter. Power transistors in the WD board ; wrong PCB ( do not correspond the... Wiring from motor to motor control board an accidental operation of the program unit read! Pump faulty ; PCB faulty ( wrong configuration Data ) ; hydraulic circuit pressure. Or faulty ; wiring faulty between PCB and WD board faulty ; circuit board ;., energy and detergent consumption is stopping about mid cycle and giving E11 code the system failed they. Of its program of the world ’ s leaders in household appliances, manufactures...

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