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Welcome to Bridge Base Online! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find your way around. Detailed instructions, with screenshots. HBC BBO Webinar: "How to Use BBO" Frequently Asked Questions About BBO: BBO FAQs. To alert and explain your own bids, click the Alert button. your App Store and download "Bridge Base Online" and play on their app . Look for the icon that says "Bridge Base Online" and double-click it to launch BBO. 5. TABLET/iPad, go to using a web browser or go to . Find a specific tournament To create a BBO account, visit and click Login/Register.Then, click “Become a member (free!) If you are reading this you were probably given access to a virtual ACBL club account which would help you migrate part of your club activity on our website. Bridge is the greatest game ever invented, but it is still a game. More Videos for Teachers and Club Managers. The game will be eligible for EBU masterpoints. Instructions… To get started, visit and login with the new username and password you were assigned. Using your browser, go to the website then click on “Play bridge now.” 2. 1. You can pay via a credit card or Pay Pal - click on the BB$ button on the top right of the screen and follow the instructions to do this. Bridge Base Online (BBO) This is the biggest online bridge site in the world where you can play bridge, practice with partners or robots, test your play, challenge your friends, play in tournaments and watch (kibitz) the best players in the world playing in tournaments. COMPUTER (Strongly Recommended), go to . Otherwise, read on: 1. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTRATION AND PLAY ON BRIDGE BASE ONLINE I. They are not in any certain order. Instructions: Adding Your ACBL Number to Your BBO Account. If you do not like how your partner bids or plays, finish the current hand (or tournament), send a polite thanks on chat, and move on. I give some helpful tips on how to play bridge online. Upload your own hands to BBO Create a team match (with example of prepared deals) Start a team match (substitutes, cancellation) Instructions: Finding Your Friends on BBO. At Table Call TD….. After the end of the tournament you can see the results Confirm the bid/cards Export a hand The result of the hands My Alert Opps alert Other Tables Results See The Action During the Play 2. Registration for BBO If you have an account, skip these steps and move to Section II. Useful Bridge Base Online (BBO) Instructions . Log On If you are already have a BBO account, or click "Register" and create an account. Click on “Become a … The BBO shortcut may look like your default browser's logo - but you can find it easily because it will always have the words Bridge Base Online underneath. INSTRUCTIONS FOR Bridge Base Online These step-by-step instructions are to help you get ready to play bridge online and then play online using BBO. Instructions for joining in the Pinner Online Duplicate on Bridge Base Online (BBO) (revised Sept 26 2020) Instructions for Joining 1. Online Bridge Guidelines Bridge is a game and the majority of our members play it for entertainment. If you have not given us your BBOname before, please send an email to with your BBOname. You can also type a brief explanation. Welcome to Bridge Base Online! Instructions: Creating a BBO Account. First be sure you have a BBO account set up. During normal times, BBO also hosts major matches around the world Choose the Device you'll play on then follow these instructions:. Create your BBO username.

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